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Welcome to my Gundam Wing and Metal Gear Solid site. You will learn more about them and download stuff too. I will be working on this site a lot so it might be down sometimes. More info coming.

Check out everything on the site for info you may need. More new things to come.

What's New?

5/27/01: I opened the site today. I will have more things to come.

5/28/01: I just finished puting up info on Gundam Wing and also the bios.

5/29/01: I will be adding more info today and try to get more downloads.

5/30/01: I just finished the MGS bios and now working on the info for MGS also I need more bios for GW.

5/31/01: I am adding more info and hope to be done with that today. More new things are coming to the site.

6/2/01: Got a new member to help me with my site. I will be adding new things today and tomorrow.

6/13/01: I am adding more Gundam Wing bios but they won't have a anything about them. But they all should be up soon.

Solid Snake and Metal Gear

I am updating my site daily so don't worry.

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