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<APPLET CODEBASE="" ARCHIVE="im2.jar" CODE="MCIM.class" WIDTH="235" HEIGHT="340">
<PARAM NAME="DomainId" VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME="Language" VALUE="EN">
<PARAM NAME="UserName" VALUE="DarkMG">
<PARAM NAME="imid" VALUE="985867228">
<PARAM NAME="AppletBackground" VALUE="#CCCCFF">
<PARAM NAME="TextFieldBackground" VALUE="#FFFFFF">
<PARAM NAME="AppletForeground" VALUE="#000000">
<PARAM NAME="LabelForeground" VALUE="#000000">
<PARAM NAME="IMFontName" VALUE="Helvetica">
<PARAM NAME="IMFontSize" VALUE="12">
<PARAM NAME="HomepageName" VALUE="Instant Chat">
<PARAM NAME="Category" VALUE="0">
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